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Creating long-lasting value

City of Eastlake Recreation Sports Department

A New Era of Sports in the City of Eastlake

The City of Eastlake Does not have a city-backed organized sports recreation department. Unlike Mentor and others, Eastlake sports leagues are completely independent from the city. This has led to leagues relying on donations and sponsorships from other businesses and donors. However with a city-supported league, the respected sports can now have a reliable force behind them, which in turn will help the youth of this city. 

I have been the President of Eastlake Youth Basketball since 2018 wherein we saw our liquid cash position increase from $200 to over $15,000. I sit amongst the Board of Directors for Eastlake Youth Baseball, and are acquainted with both Football and Soccer. Youth sports is what I know, and one of the things I love to do. With a strong community city recreation department, the benefits are endless. Increased youth sport participation rates, physical and mental health benefits, keeping kids active and out of trouble all year round, attracting potential families to relocate here in Eastlake, and setting those kids up for success in sports in High school to possibly earn scholarships. This is just not for the kids, a strong recreation sports department makes the community grow together. 

Proactive Steps for Long Term Growth  

Personal accountability can attribute our Success. 

If you are a homeowner, landlord, renter, business owner, or just someone who likes to see the city to be kept clean and aesthetically pleasing, this is for you. Current Eastlake City Ordinance, 521.10 Section A Owner/Occupant to Keep Land Clean, states that the city owners/occupants of land keep their space clean. I will work diligently with the residents to understand what areas need to be cleaned along with the Chief Building officer to ensure these complaints do not fall on deaf ears. It is our duty to keep the spaces we occupy clean and well kept. 

This also includes the quick removal of roadkill and debris off city streets. I would also encourage the city Property Maintenance Department, along with the other council members and mayor, to install more trash cans along city streets to cut down on littering. This can also include letting the police department to enforce littering violations with urgency. A clean city is a safe city and one that will make potential investors, consumers, and land owners to come to the City of Eastlake. 

Keeping Up To Current Times

In a internet/tech heavy world, online presence is everything. 

The City of Eastlake has much to improve upon in the way we promote and show off our great city. Yes we have a website, Facebook, Twitter, and a YouTube Channel. However, just having these social media platforms are not enough. Most residents are on these social media sites and it is a vital resource to keep up to date what is going on in the world, and the city they live in should not be any different. 

I would personally see to it that the City is much more active on these social media sites as well as giving our website a face lift. Monthly newsletter, recorded city council meetings sent to your inbox, showing off our city sports, advertising our businesses and attractions, the possibilities are endless! 

If elected, along with the other councilman/Mayor if they are interested, I will hold monthly "Town Halls" via Facebook Live wherein I answer your questions and take note of the concerns you may have regarding the state of the city. Nothing but clarity and a space where you can voice your opinions directly with someone who has the power to initiate change. 

Other Ideas

The Rest of My Campaign Platform

  • Work with law enforcement to cut down on crime within the city, even with the Lake County Sheriff if the problems persist. Safer neighborhoods and an overall safer city will always be a priority 

  • Earmarking money each year to a “surplus fund” wherein we would save those funds in order to fund future projects and/or cutting down on money the city would need to borrow. A major key to a city's successes is the strength of their balance sheet. 

  • Bringing Back a “Eastlake Themed” festival

  • Revamping the existing Dog Park and making sure it is properly maintained.

  • Bringing back a “Welcome to Eastlake” Sign on 91, adjacent to the Captains Stadium

  • Beer Tastings, Festivals, Concerts, Farmers Markets, and other similar events can not only generate this city money to expand and fund projects, but it will bring people to our city. Plus, it would be a lot of fun to have these events go on in our city